PC 1.0 Patch #17

10 July, 2018



Hey everyone,

Update #17, featuring some terrain collision fixes, visual improvements to Sanhok, and special PGI themed visuals, has just hit the Test Server! The update’s patch notes can be viewed below. Once we’ve deemed this update stable, we will move it over to the live environment.


PGI Theme


To celebrate the upcoming PGI tournament, we’ve updated the game with a new lobby, BGM, and loading screen.





When matchmaking, the game will now display an estimated wait time for finding a match.





Visual improvements have been made to Sanhok.


Added cracked bells, mossy rubble piles, and a new cap on the central palace.

Cliffs / Rocks

Enhanced the look of cliffs and rocks mapwide.



Bug Fixes


Fixed an issue where the crossbow's reticles were misaligned.

Fixed an issue where some terrain in Sanhok could be passed through.

Fixed a few objects in Sanhok and Miramar that obstructed character movement.